Therapeutic Horseback

therapeutic horseback

Increase Attention & More with Therapeutic Horseback

Did you know that the motion of a horse underneath a rider stimulates every muscle in the body?  The value of therapeutic horseback riding offers so many benefits. The motion of a horse helps a...

The Therapeutic Value of Horseback Riding

The motion of the horse simulates the human walk.  Therefore, when sitting on a horse, the hips move in a forward and backward motion, side to side, and a rotational 'swing'.  In addition, without...
apples for cheyenne

A Charming Story About Autism, Horses and Friendship

“Apples for Cheyenne: A story about autism, friendship and horses” written by Elizabeth King Gerlach and illustrated by Kim Miller is a delightful children's book that touched me on a personal and professional level. I...