What Did You Accomplish This Year?

What Did You Accomplish This Year?

accomplish-new-yearIt is the time of year that we analyze what we have done in the past year. While most of us tend to think about what we haven’t done, I know that you dear reader are thinking about what you HAVE done, right? You’re considering what you’re grateful for, what you’ve accomplished that you never imagined you would, and how your children have changed for the good this year.

You Care!
You know how I know this? Because you’re here and you’re reading. That tells me that you care about yourself and you care about your kids with autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other special needs. You are seeking information that can help you and your children.

Think About These Questions
However, if despite all this, you are still struggling with what went well in your life this year, let me give you a few tricks that might get your mind working in that direction.

  • Did you read books and online sites that gave you even just one tip to make things easier in your life or your child’s? (Hopefully, since you have found Special-Ism, the answer to this is “YES”!)
  • Did you spend time with or talk to loved ones that gave you joy?
  • Did you start a new project that brings you joy?
  • Did your child make progress that lit up your day, week, month or year?
  • Did you find a new provider that really “gets” you or your child?
  • Did you take time for yourself?
  • Did you take a class that was just for you?
  • Did you make any new friends?
  • Did you start eating healthier even if it was just for one meal?
  • Did you advocate for your child in such a way that it really made a difference?

I really could go on and on with this list, but that’s not up to me. It’s up to you. Make up your own list and think about what you DID accomplish, rather that what you didn’t. Lift yourself up, because if you don’t, no one else will.

Stay Tuned
We invite you to stay with us as we move into 2013. Special-Ism and our fabulous team of writers have many new and exciting plans and we hope you will stay with us as we move forward!