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Paddy the Platypus - GreenA therapeutic platypus?… Yes, you heard correctly. Paddy, a weighted platypus, provides therapeutic sensory input to those who use him. Giving loving comfort to children, this platypus is an instant hit. Produced by The Sensory Gallery, this delightful weighted creature is a must have therapy tool for teachers, parents, and therapists.

An Anywhere Calming and Soothing Solution
Paddy the Platypus is very versatile and can be used at home, school and therapy sessions. Many children who are feeling anxious or wiggly are soothed by Paddy’s soft texture and weight. The heaviness of the lap friend gives the student deep pressure sensory input calming the child as would a hug. Often at school and home children have difficulty with transitions. Whether it’s to leave the home for a shopping trip or the classroom for pull out programs the cuddly platypus gives much needed comfort.

“He can be used as a transitional tool giving the child something to carry along and hug. The weight of Paddy also gives students opportunities for heavy work while carrying him, helping to ’feed’ a sensory diet and regulate the senses”, notes Jennifer Delayo, M.Ed.

Enhance Focus and Regulation
In addition, the child that is constantly on the move is more likely to sit still holding a weighted buddy on his lap often increasing the ability to focus.

The use of weighted products is a safe and effective way to get deep pressure to the muscles and joints which helps the central nervous system integrate and regulate the body’s tactile and proprioceptive (position and movement sense) input.

Paddy the Platypus is a powerful tool in a very attractive and engaging package.

“Paddy is a great addition to a sensory room offering comforting proprioceptive input to a child in need of a break from the busy school day”, states Janine Bravo, OTR. “The adorable platypus never lets me down as a way to engage a new apprehensive little one.”

The weight the child feels while holding Paddy has a calming effect and can help the child focus on the task at hand.


What is Paddy Made of?
The Sensory Gallery has created a wonderful, fun and lovable tool for all children with their weighted platypus. He is much more enticing than the typical lap pad and can be machine washed just as an ordinary pad. Each platypus is hand-made in the U.S.A with soft fleece and is filled with between 2 to 5 pounds of non-toxic poly pellets sewn securely inside. Floppy cotton feet make for a terrific fidget for busy hands. If your child or loved one has a favorite fabric, doesn’t like the feel of fleece, or needs more weight, The Sensory Gallery is happy to fill custom orders.

“I love this platypus! Weighted items like this provide the same comfort of a firm hug. The weight provides proprioceptive input which is organizing and can help wiggly kids stay seated. Super cute product!”Gwen Wild, OTR/L

Paddy the Platypus is an excellent gift for kids of all ages, girls or boys. Really… who wouldn’t love a platypus!

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