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Trying to teach kids who are distracted, disruptive or daydreaming isn’t fun or effective. But with a packed schedule and a tight curriculum, what is a teacher to do?

As a yoga teacher of course I’m going to say, “Yoga!”, but let me tell you why. At first it may seem there’s no time to take a break to strike a pose and breathe deep, but consider the benefits.

Balance their Nervous System in 5 Minutes
Five minutes of deep, even breathing can balance the nervous system. Kids who have too much energy settle down. Kids who are nodding off, wake up. Add in a couple of balancing poses while breathing and there is an increase in attention and focus. Stretch the body, especially the sides, and there is more room for the Yoga Recess Daybreath. The breath feeds the mind. Challenge the muscles by holding a strong standing pose and the body and mind become more alert while frenetic energy dissipates. The effects are even more noticeable when done routinely.

Whole Class Attunement
Many students in my yoga class incorporate yoga into their day. Wouldn’t it be great if their whole class did it with them?

Perhaps the most compelling benefit is the way yoga creates attunement. When the teacher and students practice together, they slip in to a groove. Quite literally, everyone is on the same wavelength.

I explain “disregulation” to children in my yoga classes by telling them, “When your nervous system is off balance, it’s like tangles in your hair.” Deep, even breathing and balanced movement smooth out the nervous system just like a brush gets the tangles out of your hair.

This is as true for an individual nervous system as it is for the energy in the classroom.

With a 5-minute Yoga Break, both the teacher and the students will feel more vibrant, connected and at ease. In this environment, learning is more effective and fun for everyone.

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