Taking Care of You…Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

caregiver-burnoutCaregiver Stress Syndrome (CSS) is a syndrome found in caregivers involving pathological, morbid changes in physiological and psychological function. This syndrome can be the result of acute or chronic stress, directly as a result of caregiving activities.

The Reality of Caregiver Burnout
Caregiver burnout and fatigue are very real.  Many parents struggle through this overwhelming fatigue on their own simply because they may not recognize the many symptoms they are experiencing as something legitimate.  Regular respite may be at at a minimum, too infrequent to lift the physiological and psychological stress that accumulates often leading to depression.

Finding Help
Unfortunately, most of the information out there is for caregivers working with aging parents.  Little is discussed about the role of caregiver strain on parents of children with special needs.

Although I have a background in mental health nursing, my first suggestion is not always medication.  I lean toward suggestions with a more holistic and natural approach.

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Tiffani Lawton, R.N. About Tiffani Lawton, R.N.

Using her background in health care administration, education and marketing, Tiffani created Special-Ism, an educational resource for parents, teachers, and clinicians of children with various isms. Currently, Tiffani serves as the Editorial Director at Special-Ism, focusing on solutions to the isms for all children at home, in the classroom and community.

  • Sheri

    I am a caretaker myself. As a single parent I have a child I have raised but will continue to live in the home and need care. I can certainly agree with what you have shared. I love that you are looking at the solutions to this from a more holistic approach. I did not learn about the respite care that could have helped me so I found my way to what we could do with the help of many natureopathinc minded people. You mentioned how good, high potency supplents can help. I would aslo agree. As fortune would have it, I found a way to access that for myself and my children and have turned that into a business I am able to run from home while still being a care taker. I would love to share this with you.the brand you can trust. I

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