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Happy Thanksgiving! Or is it?

As usual, the holiday season is coming upon us very fast.  With the holiday rush comes extra stress in the household. Moms and dads are busy with the regular routine and now they have to add preparing for the holiday season to their overflowing lists!

How does this affect the family and the kids with isms?  A lot!

Stressing over Thanksgiving and Isms? From my personal perspective, here are five last minute tips to help your child prepare for and get through Thanksgiving.

Dodge Disrupting the Schedule

It was always important to me to keep on schedule as much as possible.  My mom would plan holiday shopping days when I was at school, activities, friends’ houses, etc. so my schedule was not interrupted.

Side note: Do your best to avoid Black Friday with the kids in tow – it’s overwhelming for most people anyway, try to imagine what it’s like for a child with isms.

Establish a Quiet Zone

A helpful tool for incoming family gatherings is to have a visual schedule and explain what’s going on to the child with isms. Be sure to have a quiet space somewhere in your house so that if the kids are overwhelmed, they can go to that quiet space and tune out for a bit, whether that be playing video games or listening to music.

Fend Off Meal Meltdowns

The feast table can be a frightening place for some children. If your kids are going to have a problem with food, it might be worthwhile to provide some of their favorite snacks to ease dinner table discomfort.

Involve Kids in the Prep

A good idea is to have the child prepare some of the decorations for the table and try to get him or her involved in either a craft project beforehand or a cookie project so they can feel as if they are contributing to the holiday that they can enjoy, too.

Too Much Touching?

If your kid has touch issues, make sure to inform relatives and guests not to set the child off by hugging/kissing/touching/etc. Spare little Johnny of the pinched cheeks and lipstick all over the face. He or she will definitely appreciate the thought.

Whatever you do, have a fantastic holiday, celebrating the gift your child is and the good things that have happened together over the past year.