Great Books for Pre-Language and Early Language

Great Books for Pre-Language and Early Language

Pre-verbalTherapists, parents, and teachers are always in need of new materials to be used in therapy and teaching sessions, whether they be in the classroom or a home school environment. This series will present books published by Usborne that can be used for many different purposes, including Speech/Language Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, as well as for teaching various academic concepts.

Usborne Publishing is a UK independent publishing company. Children’s books are published for every age from baby to teenager and are available in over 100 different languages. This three-part series presents books in the following areas:

  1. Pre-Language and Early Language books
  2. Preschool and Early Reading books
  3. Talking, Activities, and Problem-Solving books

This current post presents pre-language and early language books under six different categories.

Find It Board Books

Farmyard Tales Board Books

Rattle Board Books

Touchy-Feely Board Books

First Words Board Books

Baby’s World

Remember, these are just a sample of what Usborne offers. Take a look at the rest of the series on Preschool and Early Reading books and Talking, Activities, and Problem-Solving books to discover other great options for your classroom, therapy, and home.


An "Ism" is our coined term synonymous with a “challenge”. Many children, with or without a diagnostic label, experience various challenges throughout their developmental years which are impacting them in the classroom and at home. At Special-Ism, the Ism is our focus. We do not look at the diagnostic label, instead, we look at the Isms and offer solutions no matter the diagnosis.