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Transition to CollegeAlthough summer often means vacation, it can actually be much than that, especially if you have a child who has graduated high school and is getting ready for college.

Summer is the perfect time for school. Yes; more school. Especially if you have a child preparing for the transition to college.

Today, many high schools are offering advanced placement classes that can also often include an option for getting college credit at the same time. Once high school ends though, another great way for your child to earn credit for college before possibly going to a four year university, is by getting summer credit at a community college. I want to share with you three reasons why summer is the perfect time to take a community college class.

1. Easier to Focus on One Subject

With a summer class at a community college, it can be the perfect time to focus on just one subject. When I was in college, subjects that I struggled with were math and science. I took my math classes at the university, but avoided taking a basic biology course until the summer at a local community college. By taking just the biology class, it allowed me to focus on biology and only biology. The class was two days a week, with one day of lab. If I had taken the class at the university, I would have needed to balance the work along with other classes. At the community college, all I had to worry about was biology.

2. Costs Less than a University Course

Another great reason that a community college class in the summer is beneficial, is because usually it will cost less than a major university. While I don’t remember the exact savings, I know that when I took the biology class at the community college, it was cheaper then if I had decided to take it at the university. Not only is the class cheaper, but taking a community college summer course, means that you can finish a subject faster than if you were taking it at the university. At the university, a semester can go for 12-18 weeks. At a community college though, the class can be completed in a much shorter time period, sometimes in as little as 8-10 weeks.

3. Smaller Classes Mean More Individual Support from the Instructor

The final reason why summer classes at a community college are beneficial, is because they are usually smaller sized classes, which means more time for support from professors. Going back to the example of the biology course, when I took the class at the community college, there were about 30 students in the class. Had I taken the course at the university, there would have been several hundred students in the lecture class. More students in a course means less time for the professor to answer as many questions during class. This also means that a professors office hours might be more limited, as they have more students that they have to visit with. In a community college course, while office hours might have been the same amount of time total, since there were fewer students in the course, more students could visit during office hours and get the help that they needed.

If you have a child that is heading to college, consider having them enroll in a community college course over the summer before they go off to a university. It will be easier to focus on subjects, costs less and allows more time for students to get help from professors. Although it’s extra school in the summer, the benefits are great.