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trick or treatHalloween is a great holiday because kids love dressing up and eating the candy, BUT, all that goes with it was not so great for me as a kid. I could have certainly lived without an uncomfortable costume, ringing people’s doorbells, and asking strangers for candy.

Tips for a Fun, Comfortable and Safe Halloween

Trick or Treat Early (5pm-6:30pm)

First of all, you get the best candy selection before the big kids take all the good stuff.  You also avoid the intimidating and overstimulating rush of kids.  Also, in some parts of the country (or world), it is still light out, to keep anxiety at bay.

A Comfy Costume is a Must

I know for most girls it may seem cute to wear a princess costume, but if the fabric in most commercial costumes is really itchy resulting in a less than wonderful time trick-or-treating. Put something soft and comfortable underneath the costume such as a t-shirt, pajamas, leggings, etc. (definitely cotton for maximum comfort).  Wear sneakers no matter what as Trick-or-treating has a lot of walking!

Gluten Free? Special Diet?

Shop in advance for special treats that they can eat.  When they get home and dump their candy out, you can do a candy-swap. This way, they won’t feel like they are missing out and they end up with treats they really like.  Or see if there is a Halloween candy buy back program in your area and trade your candy for cash!

Don’t Force Your Child

Let them be assured that if they choose to stay home, they can help you give out treats! Personally, I always thought giving out the candy was more fun. I used to do this and my mom would give out my favorites and when no kids were knocking at the door, I’d eat a few myself.  I liked to look at all  the different costumes instead of wearing them. It also made me feel really good to see all the other kids smiling and happy!

Classroom Parties

Make sure there are treats on hand that your child can have regardless of his or her diet. It is important for kids to feel like they fit in and can eat something at these parties. Consider sending in your own Halloween treats for the whole class. This makes your child look like a hero. Everybody loves MORE candy and treats!!

Safety First!

I do not advise you to let your child go out alone or even with a group of children. Adult supervision should be mandatory, even if you are a few paces behind the children.

A Sturdy Sack

Nothing is worse than having your candy spill out all over the ground.  It is always hard if the bag gets way too heavy. I recommend a large tote bag or an old pillowcase. They both hold quite a bit of candy and feel most comfortable in your hands. If your child would like to, you can decorate the pillowcase to match his or her costume with paint pens, glitter, etc.

Check Candy

Throw away anything that is missing wrappers or appears to have already been opened.   If it is not a labeled product, toss it. Don’t always trust your neighbor’s baked goods especially with allergies or special diets.   Wrapped = Safe.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!