Using Art To Teach Life Skills To Children With Special Needs

at therapy for special needs kidsFor some kids with special needs dealing with new situations or ways of doing things can cause fear and anxiety.  Or they may get “stuck” doing something the same way but become frustrated because they can’t move themselves forward.  Sometimes new things don’t work and they have to figure out how to make them work. This can be overwhelming.  Anxiety and resistance to “new” things can become an obstacle to learning and developing.

The Benefits to Creating Art
Art can be a different place for kids to be successful and learn skills that can transfer to other areas of their life.  The creative process contains many layers and mysteries.  Contained in this process are some great concrete life skills that your child can develop and benefit from.  This includes learning how to navigate through a new experience or situation.  You can use art to reduce anxiety for special needs children.

All new things are an experiment.  One definition of the word experiment is:

“To try something new, especially in order to gain experience.” (The Free Dictionary)

Another definition is:

“A course of action tentatively adopted without being sure of the outcome.” (Oxford Dictionaries)

These definitions also describe what we do when we are using our imagination.  Imagination is the ultimate place of freedom to experiment.  Creating art and using imagination is also the place where your kids can learn the skills and tolerance for dealing with the “new experiments” in their life.  Not to mention it is fun!  It also helps build skills to independently navigate through new life experiences more independently. Read on…

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Danelle Griner About Danelle Griner

Danelle Griner is the founder of ArtShop. She specializes in therapeutic art instruction for individuals with disabilities. Go to ArtShop to find easy to teach adapted art projects for children with special needs.